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About me ..........

I left school at age 16. I'd been disappointed that my 'O' level timetable forced me to abandon my favourite subject, art. And, although I enjoyed writing 'compositions' - as we used to call them - I had little interest in other subjects and was eager to get out of uniform and experience life beyond.


However, in one way or another, I've been continuing education ever since.


At the age of 20, I embarked a literature course at Hereford College of Education, and joined the writers' circle led by D M Thomas. Afterwards, I moved to London in the late1960s, continuing to write poems and short stories. It was now, for the first time, that I was able to learn about art and artists, visiting major galleries in London and other European cities. (I did a lot of hitch-hiking during this period.)


Almost accidentally, I arrived in Kent in the early 1970s, and my two sons were born. I missed the buzz and stimulation of London, but eventually I joined a community arts photography group, and spent many hours in my little darkroom. Later, I had exhibitions of my photos at Kent Institute of Art & Design, at Rochester Art Gallery, and in one of the Medway libraries.


Nowadays, I do very little serious photography. There are many skilled photographers out there doing some amazingly creative work, but somehow the dawn of digital photography left me behind, still longing for the scent of photographic chemicals and the magic of watching those street scenes come to life as black & white prints.


Meanwhile, my writing habit never really left me, and finally, in 2006, I published a short selection of poems I'd written over the years – Counting Frogs and Catching Stars. Later, in 2014, I published a novel – Time Tells. It’s a bit noir-ish, reflecting my fascination with people’s shadow-sides, and how life experiences make us what we are. Both these books are currently available from Amazon.


My paper qualifications include a Diploma in Women’s Studies, an MA Degree in Graphic Fine Arts (focusing on video and performance art), and a Diploma in Counselling.


Work experience includes teaching children excluded from school, and admin posts in art education. For a while, I was employed by WEA as a tutor working with adults who had mental health issues. Most recently, I tutored adult groups on 20th century art movements - this I was at least as much an education for me as it was for them.


Finally, and not a moment too soon, I’m finding time to focus on painting and collage.


And I find myself revisiting my love of poetry.




Please use the contact form below if you'd like to get in touch with me - I'd love to hear from you.