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About me ..........

Most of my work has an element of narrative - whether poems, photos, or (less obviously) collage. I therefore have a strong interest in people's life stories, including my own.


I have always written poems and fiction, and I published a selection of my poems (Counting Frogs and Catching Stars) in 2006. This was followed several years later with my first and (to date) only novel, Time Tells. Both are available from Amazon.


I no longer consider myself a ‘photographer’, though I’m still rather proud of the photos I took in the 1980s, developing and printing them in my little darkroom.


Recently, I'm putting most of my time and effort into painting, mainly mixed media and collage. I'm also rediscovering my love of writing poems.


Paper qualifications include a Certificate in Education, a Diploma in Women’s Studies, an MA Degree in Graphic Fine Arts (focusing on video and performance art), and a Diploma in Counselling.


I am happy to lead workshops in art and writing for self-expression.


Please use the contact form below if you'd like to get in touch with me - I'd love to hear from you.